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IPX-916 "Are You Going To The Hotel?" One Night When I Got Drunk At The Welcome Party For New Employees And Was Taken Home By The Receptionist Of The Company And Sperm Was Squeezed Out Until Morning. Sakura Sora Momo. The story is about a very lucky new employee and his extremely promiscuous colleague Sakura. Today, my colleague was the main character at the launch party, as usual in the company, new employees have to take everyone out to drink. Because he has a rather handsome appearance, he quickly caught Sakura's eye. Sakura is a beautiful girl but very lustful. In the company, she was also flirted with by many colleagues, but she was still unmoved, until she met our lucky employee. Sakura was determined to kill him. even though he knew he had a lover. Today was a great opportunity, Sakura got her colleague drunk and then tortured him all night...

Momo Sakura got drunk and was danced all night by her co-worker
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