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Aki is a housewife, her husband is a civil servant and her father-in-law is retired and lives with them. Recently, her husband continuously goes on business trips and comes home late. Suspecting that her husband was having an affair, she shared her feelings with her stepfather, but he always shunned her. Bored with her husband and lack of sex, Aki frequently visits the host club and meets the owner Ichijou. With sweet words, he drowned Aki in fake happiness, constantly ordering expensive wines, spending a lot of time with him, and she even offered her body to him. . Some time later, he went to Aki's house and asked her to pay the money she owed the store. The amount of money was so large that Aki was completely unable to pay it. He threatened not to fuck her if she didn't pay. Not wanting to lose this last happiness, even though it was extremely fake, Aki decided to take her husband's book to have money to give to him. The stepfather discovered and arrested Aki. He knew everything, it was his son's fault for abandoning Aki to make her like this so he didn't blame her. He spent all his money to help Aki and wanted to fill the void in his heart. Feeling her stepfather's concern for her, Aki seemed to feel something warm that she had long forgotten. And since then, Aki no longer comes to the hostclub. She lives happily with her husband and stepfather, but in her heart, she is now replaced by her stepfather…

Innocent daughter-in-law was forced to have sex by her father-in-law
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