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The young couple applied for a job at a small company near their home. The special thing is that there are all men here. Although the husband was promoted to a manager position, he planned to quit because he felt this place was not safe, but The wife begged to continue working with the excuse that 'it's difficult to get a job now', so the couple had to continue working; (There's something shady going on with the young wife here.) Some time later, this couple's feelings began to crumble - When the husband saw his wife being fucked by... a colleague, the bastard man Miserably asked his wife to quit her job, but she refused because... 'she hasn't received her salary yet'. Afraid of losing his wife, that night the husband patiently confided in her, but it seemed that things could not be stopped, the young wife had changed, she desired sex, desired the strength of her two male companions. middle-aged career at company...

NTRD-010 Two
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