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SNIS-343 I am Going To Get Raped. Young Wife Wears Out Her Husband Edition. An extremely touching film by Yu Shiraishi, the film tells the story of a young couple who are bullied by scumbags. The story is that Shiraishi is a beautiful employee. At her company, there was a perverted boss who knew Shiraishi was married but still raped her at a party at the company. At that time, Shiraishi was drunk and didn't know anything. . After that, he refused to forgive Shiraishi but even recorded a video to threaten Shiraishi, forcing her to have sex with him regularly. That night, Shiraishi's husband saw him threatening his wife, so he accidentally punched him a few times. Unexpectedly, he fell and broke his head. So he hired a lawyer who was many times more despicable than him to.... Let's stay tuned to see what the young couple has to face ahead.

SNIS-343 That scumbag lawyer Yuu Shiraishi
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