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MMZ-006 Xun Xiaoxiao - Banana Chat between Brother and Sister 2. Xiaoxiao is my beautiful cousin. Because she was about to go to college, she came to my house and stayed. Because the house I rented was quite spacious, I was very happy when she came to stay with me. Everything went smoothly, but one thing I never understood was why Xiaoxiao liked to eat cucumbers so much. Every time she came home from the supermarket, she would bring back a bag full of cucumbers. Until one day I accidentally saw Xiaoxiao masturbating with those melons. Her pigtails were really pink and had too much juice. The melons were covered in juice every time they were put inside, making me drool. You guys guess what will happen next.

[MMZ-006] The little sister who likes to eat melons Xun Xiaoxiao
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