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Mori is the chief flight attendant of an airline, she is tasked with training new employees joining the company. Although Hashimoto joined the company for four years, because he often messed up, he had to take Mori's new employee training course. Because she was recently hurt by her boyfriend, Mori really hates men. She constantly blamed and gave harsh punishments to Hashimoto, while the other female employees were extremely concerned and treated gently by her. Once while browsing the internet, he saw a website advertising aphrodisiacs, so Hashimoto immediately ordered it to try, in case he used it later. And his chance really came, this time his superiors only assigned Hashimoto and Mori to take charge of an entire flight. Although he really didn't want to, Mori had to accept. Because they were waiting for a return flight, they both had to stay overnight here. Unfortunately, due to a booking error, both of them only had one empty room. It was late so they couldn't find another room, so Mori had to share a room with Hashimoto. Taking advantage of the God-given opportunity, Hashimoto mixed an aphrodisiac into Mori's water, making her body extremely sensitive. He decided to pay back everything he had to endure all this time...

DVDMS-789 Let the obnoxious head flight attendant take aphrodisiacs and fuck her all night
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